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Book Review and Radio Interview: Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler

Posted by pnaessensshow on December 5, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Roughly two weeks ago a very kind listener of my nationally syndicated radio program sent me a digital copy of author Ira Wagler's New York Times bestselling book Growing Up Amish. Unbeknownst to my listener I always had two questions about this community; Why would anyone desire to live without electricity, automobiles and other modern day luxuries and more importantly why don't more people leave the Amish community?


 Growing Up Amish answered both of those questions for me and in doing so gave me a new appreciation for this mostly misunderstood community.


When I opened Growing Up Amish I was expecting a highly critical bitter slam fest of the Amish but much to my surprise, and delight, Wagler didn't do any such thing. In fact the only person that Wagler was critical of was himself, something I found highly refreshing in an age where rock throwing and failure to take responsibility for one’s own action seems to be the norm.


What's in Growing Up Amish? A story of Wagler’s life growing up Amish; Wagler introduces us to his family, friends and fellow Amish and easily takes us into a world that few know even exist and even fewer understand. Wagler does this without any negativity toward anyone which allows the reader to eagerly follow his story and his story alone.


For me the story of Sarah was reason enough to ask Wagler to appear on my program to talk about the book. He graciously accepted and you can hear that story and much much more listening to the interview here. You can purchase a copy of the book here.


This book is a winner and one that I highly recommend and I'm looking forward to what Wagler produces next.


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